At Eagle Rock Optometry, we offer comprehensive vision exams for our patients. These exams are thorough and ensure we completely understand your needs and can accurately prescribe a vision solution for you.

What to Expect
We will begin your comprehensive vision exam by taking a full patient history. Many eye and vision-related problems can be tied to other health conditions, so you should include not only your vision history but pertinent medical history as well, including conditions that run in your family.

Next, we will discuss any symptoms or problems you are experiencing. Your optometrist will use this information to get to the root of what’s causing the problem, as well as to determine if any additional tests are needed.

After we’ve gone over your history and symptoms, we will begin the preliminary testing of the following:

  • Visual acuity
  • Depth perception
  • Color vision
  • Peripheral vision
  • Eye muscle movements
  • Neurological responses
  • Eye pressure

Additionally, we will complete a scan of your retina using Optos Digital Retinal Imaging. To perform this test, the doctor may need to dilate your eyes, which may make them more sensitive to light. The test is painless and allows us to see the early signs of eye diseases much earlier than ever before.

Once these portions of the comprehensive vision exam are complete, the doctor will move on to refraction, which is how your lens prescription is determined. At this time, we will also evaluate how well your eyes focus, move, and work together.

One of the final steps is to evaluate your overall eye health. We may cover things such as dry eyes, exposure to blue light, contact lens habits, and more.

Lastly, if the doctor feels there are any additional tests you need based on your medical history or the findings of the comprehensive exam, those will be completed. If needed, you may be referred to an appropriate specialist for further testing and treatment.

If you have any questions about comprehensive vision exams or would like to request an appointment, please give us a call at (323) 739-6092!